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UHIP Enrolment

Enrolment Period

As an International student, once you have registered for your courses, you are automatically enrolled in UHIP for the twelve month period (September 1st to August 31st) of the current academic year.

Exchange students will be enrolled in UHIP for the duration in which they will be attending Western.

Non-student international individuals will need to contact to inquire about UHIP

Arriving Early

Under the provisions of UHIP, an international student is covered by UHIP the day she or he arrives in Canada, but not earlier than the 10 day of the month before the month in which their university term begins. For example, if you arrive in Canada on August 2, and your term begins on September 1, you would have UHIP coverage from August 10. You would have to buy travel health insurance to cover the time period from August 2 to August 10.


Student arrives in Canada August 2
Academic term begins September 1
UHIP coverage begins August 10

Printing your UHIP Card

Soon after arriving at Western, you will receive an email to your Western email account directing you to the Sunlife website where you will be able to download and print your UHIP card. . Each time you visit a health care or medical service provider you will be required to show your UHIP card. It is very important that you obtain your UHIP card early, before the possible event of a medical emergency

To get your UHIP card, you will need to register online at Please view the following PDF files for detailed instructions about printing your UHIP Card.

To register for your UHIP card you will need:

Once you have registered, you will be able to print a copy of your access ID. This is not your UHIP coverage card. For instructions on how to print your UHIP card, please see the MySunlife Registration Guide [PDF 732 KB].

Visit UHIP website for more information.

UHIP Enrolment for Dependents

If you have a spouse/common-law partner or children accompanying you while in Canada, they must also be enrolled in UHIP while they are here. However, Dependants are not automatically enrolled.

To enroll them, please go to Human Resources (Support Services Building Room 5100) and complete an application form for your spouse and/or children. There is a $500 late fee charged if you fail to register your dependents within 30 days of arriving in Canada, so please be prompt and do not forget this important step. When their cards are available for printing, you/your dependents will also receive an e-mail with information on printing their card.

The cost of UHIP for dependents can be found on the UHIP website. Dependents should be registered from the date they arrive in Canada (up to twenty days before your first month of study) and until the end of your study period.

Eligible dependents include spouses, common-law and same-sex partners, and dependent children who are under 21 years of age or under 25 and are registered in full time studies. Visit UHIP website for more information.