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Information for Students Currently Studying in Canada

International students who wish to study at a university or college in Canada, must have a valid Study Permit that will allow them to study at a post-secondary institution. Students who were in Canada attending a high school must make sure that they obtain a new Study Permit for the post-secondary level of study.

High School Students in Canada

Applicants who studied at a secondary school (i.e., high school) in Canada and will be attending Western, must apply to modify their Study Permit. Applicants must make sure they obtain a new Study Permit that allows them to study at a "post-secondary" institution.

Note: You cannot begin your studies at Western until you obtain a valid Study Permit for post-secondary studies.

See CIC's information on how to apply to modify your study permit.

Post-Secondary Students (University or College)

Since January 2005, international students in post-secondary studies in Canada can transfer between programs of study and between institutions without applying for a change to the conditions of their Study Permit:

This policy does not apply to students in Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Your Responsibilities as a Student

View important information on your responsibility as an international student: