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Traveling to the United States and Back to Canada

International Students who are traveling outside of Canada and are only traveling to the United States may not be required to have a valid Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to return to Canada, as long as their Study or Work Permit is still valid.1

You may require a US Visitor Visa to travel to the United States.

For more details, please see the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, Section 190 (3)(f):

“A foreign national is exempt from the requirement to obtain a temporary resident visa if they are seeking to enter and remain in Canada solely

(f) to re-enter Canada following a visit solely to the United States or St. Pierre and Miquelon, if they […]

(i) held a study permit or a work permit that was issued before they left Canada on such a visit or were authorized to enter and remain in Canada as a temporary resident, and

(ii) return to Canada by the end of the period initially authorized for their stay or any extension to it […]”2

You will need a valid Temporary Resident Visa, if you are traveling to any other countries, and you are from a country which requires a visa.