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Brazil-Canada: Ciencia sem Fronteiras Program (Science Without Borders)

Summer at Western

Western University is pleased to participate in the Ciência sem Fronteiras (CsF) program. 

Funded primarily by the Brazilian Government, the Science without Borders (Ciencia sem Fronteiras) scholarship program was launched in July 2011.The program aims to send 101,000 Brazilian students to study internationally in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects by 2015.The Government of Brazil is funding 75,000 scholarships and a further 26,000 are being funded by the private sector.  

Students selected for the Canada-Brazil CsF Scholarship Program come to Canada for a duration of 12 to 16 months (12 months for students with acceptance into academic studies, or 16 months for students who require language training). There are three components of the CsF Scholarship program: English language training (if required), academic study and a research or industry placement.  

Why Choose Western?

Outstanding Faculty

Academic excellence is at the heart of Western and starts with our award-winning faculty. Every year, our professors are internationally recognized for their teaching and research.

Excellent Facilities

Application Process

Graduate and undergraduate students who wish to visit Westernfor and after 2014 must submit complete applications to the CALDO ( The Universities of Alberta, Laval, Dalhousie and Ottawa). CALDO will evaluate, select, place and forward student applications to Canadian universities. For information on application procedures and program deadlines, please visit the CALDO website.

Please note that Western does not accept direct applications from students or their home universities. All applications must be submitted through CALDO. Only students who have been selected by CALDO and meet the program requirements for Western University will be contacted by the International Learning office with additional information and instructions.

Academic Information for Undergraduate Students

As a CsF  student at Western University you are eligible to take courses from the following faculties

Contacts at Western

Undergraduate Students
>Lise Laporte, Manager, International Learning
>Bibiana Alcala Valencia, International Learning Coordinator

Graduate Students
Paula Menzie-Cameron, School of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies