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The Western Heads East Internship Program is a challenging, dynamic, competitive, multidisciplinary and international learning opportunity for students to grow and assist with health sustainability initiatives in Africa. Since the project began, over 70 student interns from a variety of academic backgrounds have participated in the program. Interns have the opportunity to:


Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT)

SAUT is seeking WHE student interns to collaborate with SAUT students on community projects meeting specific needs identified by three local NGOs, Kivulini Women’s Rights Organization, Education for Better Living Organization and Probiotic Yoghurt Community Kitchens.  In consultation with NGO’s in the Mwanza community, the students will work together to meet specific goals within each organization related to community capacity building and the WHE Probiotic Yoghurt Program. Read more

Elephant Thoughts 

Elephant Thoughts is an educational charity aimed at providing valuable education services to communities that cannot afford them, both in Canada and internationally. This partner is seeking two interns to establish probiotic yoghurt kitchens at five sponsored schools in Mwanza, Tanzania, to bring economic sustainability to the schools and with the surrounding community. Read more

Before You Apply

How to Apply

Applications for Western Heads East internships are completed through Atlas, Western's international experience portal. Please read the detailed application information below and prepare all required information and documents prior to submitting your application.

1. Submit one Online Application  Apply Now button

Search using the keyword filter and typing in "Western Heads East" to see all available positions. Please note: Students may submit only ONE application through the Atlas system for an international program for the upcoming year. Additional program options can be listed in the Program Selection session of the application. Please do not submit multiple applications.
(Please see below for the application questions). 

2. Academic Reference and Faculty Advisor 
WHE interns are responsible for obtaining an academic advisor and for arranging course credit for the internship experience. Please submit a letter from your chosen faculty advisor or Associate Dean outlining the course credit you will receive (experiential learning, directed reading, independent studies, etc.) and a brief description of the tasks you will complete for the course related to the placement goals. An academic reference form is available online through the Atlas system.
(See Application Tips below for more details)

3. A $50 application fee will be charged to your student account (there will be a box for you to check within the online application).

4. Programs may have additional requirements. Please see below to determine if you are applying for such a program.

If the internship program you are applying for is not listed above, you only need to complete steps 1-3.

Questions on application

You may wish to draft your responses to these questions in a word document prior to logging into Atlas so you will have a record of your responses.

1: Why do you wish to be considered for a Western Heads East internship? (Personal and Academic reasons).

2: Please list any extracurricular and volunteer activities that you have been involved in over the last two years.

3: What have you done to prepare yourself to live in a culture different than your own? How do you think you will cope with the differences?  

4: Discuss your academic reasons for selecting the university and potential project(s).

5: Living overseas and being away from family and friends can be stressful. Please tell us about a stressful experience in your past and how you dealt with it.

6: How did you hear about the Western Heads East Program and what drew you to the internship experience with WHE?

Application Tips

For information about the Western Heads East Internships, please be sure you have reviewed the online application process on Atlas at Western International. This would be the starting place to get all of the details for the application and can be found here

In the online application process, you will find a form for faculty advisors that you download and have your faculty advisor complete. You choose which project you wish to work with of those described and you must choose one. You then go to a faculty member within your program that you would like to work with to seek an independent study or experiential learning/internship credit course. Your faculty counsellor should also be able to assist with determining course credit. It is best to meet in person with the faculty member you would like to be your advisor to discuss, rather than sending the form in an email.

Please note: We recognize that obtaining a faculty advisor, reference letters and arranging course credit is a process. Please submit your application even if you have not yet secured these things. WHE staff will work with you to assist in these processes.

Intern applicants can apply for Global Opportunity Awards and other external sources. More information here.

Finally, you can learn more about what the experience is like from past intern blogs. In addition, two interns have made themselves available to answer questions you may have about the WHE internship Experience. Christine was in Kenya last summer and Andrea was in Tanzania.

Andrea: aburke46@uwo.ca
Christine: cwachira@uwo.ca