Western Competition

What is the World's Challenge Challenge?

Western University has held the World’s Challenge Challenge over the past seven years, with approximately 20 teams competing annually and presenting their unique ideas to a panel of academic and community leaders. Winning team members each receive $1,000  AND have the opportunity to compete in the World's Challenge Challenge Global Final, for a top team prize of $30,000. 

How does it work? 

Students will form diverse teams of two to four members, think of a problem that the world is facing and present their solutions to a panel of judges. The first prize is $1000 per team member. The winning team will also have the opportunity to compete for the top team prize of $30,000 in the World's Challenge Challenge Global Final.

Who can participate?

This competition is open to: undergraduate and graduate students at Western University and Affiliated University Colleges (Brescia, Huron, King's). Participating students may be full-time or part-time, and applications are welcome from every faculty. We encourage teams to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds or areas of study. Only teams of two to four students will be accepted.

Why join the Challenge?

The World's Challenge Challenge is an exciting way to engage in discussion and debate about world issues, and to bring your own ideas to the table. Plus, the winning team members will each receive $1,000 each AND the opportunity to represent Western at the Global Final where teams can win $30,000. 

Western strives to bring together individuals with a broad world view, seeking to study, influence and lead in the international community. It starts with one idea, one discussion. Who knows where it may lead?

How do I participate?

Western's World's Challenge Challenge competition has joined the Morrisette Institute in offering a new virtual platform where participants will register for the Challenge, have the opportunity to connect with potential teammates and find helpful modules and resources.

To participate in the Challenge, students must register. Once registered, students will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to log in to the platform and complete their profile. Please note registration for Western's 2022 competition is now closed. 


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Need More Information?

Please contact:

Western International
Email: worldschallenge@uwo.ca
Ph: 519-661-2111 x81350