About the Challenge


Western University has held the World’s Challenge Challenge for Western students over the past nine years. More than 20 teams compete annually by presenting their unique ideas to a panel of academic and community leaders. The competition helps students develop their academic, oral presentation, and entrepreneurial skills, all while encouraging them to take action on global issues and challenges. 

In 2017, we held the first World’s Challenge Challenge Global Final, pooling the talents and creativity of bright students from across Canada and around the world. The mission of the competition is to bring together students from a wide range of institutions, cultures and continents to form a strong international network and create even greater potential solutions to significant global issues.

How does it Work?

Students submit applications with a synopsis of their chosen issue or problem, and how their ideas will contribute to addressing it. Once all applications are reviewed to ensure they meet entry qualifications, students are given several weeks to prepare a presentation to sell their solution. A first round of presentations selects semi-finalist teams who will move on to the final presentation round at their own institution. The competitions will take place at partner universities from September to March. Please see the Rules page for more information.