WCC Global Final Winning Teams

First Place: Team Mitro, Dalhousie University

  soonOne-stop solution for safety, security and emergency situations. The app itself is camouflaged as a recipe application so that the abusers will not know that the victim is seeking services with Mitro. It is easy to switch back and forth between the Mitro interface and the recipe interface ensuring user safety and security, while also providing a feature for emergencies. Using the emergency button feature while in the application, a message and GPS location of the user is sent to a list of pre-selected contacts so that friends and family are alerted to the emergency. The app also asks users about their relationship to assess the safety of the user in their relationship as well as providing a safety plan in the event of an emergency. Resources and support services can also be accessed through the 24/7 automated chat bot. This app aims to provide resources to empower women regardless of their situation and make it possible for them to seek help safely.

Team members:

  • Anamika Ahmed
  • Anik Ahmed

Second Place: Team vybu, Bond University

Team members from Bond university shoulder to shoulder smiling for their photo

Physiologically, the pandemics impact was clear. But psychologically, the consequences are silent and just as hugely significant. The psychological strain induced from social isolation, lockdowns, rule changes and constant stress left individuals anxious to re-connect and devastatingly increased the already alarming incidence of mental ill-health. Our project and proposed solution to this problem, 'vybu', strives to address this problem, by not only assisting in crisis support, but also by correcting the cause.

Have you every struggled to support someone, or perhaps not known what to say when someone is feeling down? We have. And it sucks. We then choose to avoid saying anything; constructing a harmful perceived barrier in relationships. This has only become more common due to the reduced social confidence induced by prolonged social isolation.

Meaningful connection and heartfelt expression is the prevention for mental ill-health better than any cure, and vybu strives to achieve that by encouraging people to say something, when they don't know what to say, by providing users with access to scripts and prompts, written by psychologists, for the situations in which they want to support others. Ultimately, we are re-writing the story of asking for help through connecting you with those you need, at times when you need it most.

Team members:

  • Jackson Miller
  • Megan van der Velde
  • Holly Slattery
  • Ellie Mackey

Third Place: Team Next, University of Waterloo

members of the Waterloo team standing with their arms crossed looking powerful for their photo

Next: Immigrant Service: All-in-One App is targeted at SDG Goal 10, Reduced Inequalities, specifically Target 10.7. Our online solution provides access to housing, learning hubs, banking services, and cultural communities with different languages. It is culturally connected and community-driven and also aims at creating a reciprocal relationship that immigrants who get on board earlier help newcomers in his/her own ethnocultural groups.

Team members:

  • Boon Kent Chin
  • Hongwen Xu (Miley)
  • Jia Qi Liu

Congratulations to all participating teams on your presentations!