WCC Global Final Winning Teams

First Place: Team Lifegiver Box, The University of British Columbia

  Team Lifegiver Box

The Lifegiver Box is a complementary, interdisciplinary, and culturally inclusive program that supports Indigenous people’s rights to health by choosing their own needs for their sexual health journey.

It was developed in response to the UN's Indigenous peoples rights to good health as well as in light of the 2022 senate report The Scars We Carry which acknowledged that the systemic erasure of Indigenous bodies is still happening to this day due to forced and coerced sterilization.

Team members:

  • Piper Scott-Fiddler
  • Samantha Sage Martin-Ferris

Second Place: Team Care for the Carers, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Team members from Chinese University of Hong Kong

We developed an integrated platform designed to support caregivers' mental health and well-being. The platform uses chatbots powered by GPT technology to provide a conversational interface for caregivers to communicate with, offering emotional support and stress relief. Additionally, the platform includes a stress level detection feature that can identify high levels of stress and refer caregivers to counseling and support groups as needed. This project aims to address the global challenge of mental health and well-being, specifically as it relates to the SDG of promoting good health and well-being for all.

Team members:

  • Bobo SHING
  • Marco AU YONG
  • Japan CHENG

Third Place: Team TalkMaze, University of Alberta

Team members from University of AlbertA

Did you know that over 73% of people fear speaking in public? At TalkMaze, we empower children by boosting their confidence through engaging public speaking and debate training.

Team members:

  • Ghalia Aamer
  • Deem Aamer

Congratulations to all participating teams on your presentations!