Western Competition

Registration for Western’s competition will open in January, 2022. Once registration begins, you will be able to register via the Western Competition page.

Western's World's Challenge Challenge competition has joined the Morrisette Institute in offering a new virtual platform where participants will register for the Challenge, have the opportunity to connect with potential teammates and find helpful modules and resources. Find more details on the Western Competition page

* Please note this is only applicable to and available for Western students participating in Western's internal competition. 

Global Final

Each participating university will provide its own application and registration system for its local challenge. Registration will consist of submitting your team participant names and contact information, and answering a few introductory questions about your selected global issue and proposed ideas.

Check with your International Office or Entrepreneurship Centre for details on application and deadlines. We do not accept registrations for the Global Final from individual teams. You must participate in your local challenge to win an opportunity to compete internationally.