South Korea

Faculty & Students

  • 2 Western faculty members have received graduate or professional degrees from a university in South Korea
  • In 2016-17, 2 Western students travelled on exchange to South Korea and 4 Korean students came to Western.
  • In 2016-17, 59 undergraduate students and 19 graduate students from South Korea attended Western.


Between 2012 and 2016, Western researchers co-authored and published 196 articles, meeting abstracts, reviews, proceeding papers, editorial materials, or book chapters with researchers at South Korean institutions. Top five institutions with which collaborations occurred:

  • Yonsei University
  • Seoul National University
  • University of Ulsan
  • Korea University
  • Pusan National University 

Partner Institutions

  • Korea University
  • Korea University Business School
  • Seoul National University
  • Yonsei University


  • Western has approximately 107 alumni living in South Korea, most of whom are part of Western’s active Asia Alumni chapter.

Other Connections

  • Western Professor of Virology, Dr. C. Yong Kang, was selected as a Korean-Canadian Diaspora to Canadian Society by the Canadian Government (2013) and received the Scientist of the Year Award from the Korean Federation of Science and Technology (2013). Dr. Kang was elected as Life-time Member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (1997).
  • Dr. Kang has developed an HIV vaccine with investment from Korean pharmaceutical venture company, Sumagen Co. Ltd, Sumagen has produced the vaccine for clinical trials and holds the patent on the vaccine for mass production and distribution.
  • Dominic Barton, formerly a leading banking advisor in Korea, and Chair of the Seoul International Business Advisory Council, received an honorary Doctor of Laws from Western in 2014.