Western International

International Curriculum Fund Guidelines

Funding Available

This program has annual funding of $100,000. Awards of up to $15,000 each will be available annually. If funds are necessary to continue the initiative beyond the year of funding, departments/faculties must provide evidence that additional funding will be available to assure sustainability of the initiative.

Submission Guidelines

As the initiative is intended to transform curriculum at the program level, proposals will be accepted from Department Heads, Chairs and Deans of Faculties. Proposals from Affiliate University Colleges are not eligible.

The application should consist of one electronic copy (as a single file in Word or PDF format) submitted to globalgrants@uwo.ca

Proposal Details

There are three parts to the proposal submission:

The proposal should include the following:

Submission Deadline

The application must be received by 4:30 p.m. on April 13, 2018.
It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all conditions are met and that the application is complete and submitted by the required date. Late, ineligible or incomplete applications will not be accepted.


The goal of this program is to support the development of as many academically meaningful, intercultural and international courses and programs as possible. The Vice-Provost (International) will adjudicate the proposals in consultation with the Faculty-Led Study Abroad and Safety Abroad Coordinator, the Teaching Support Centre and the applicants.

Project Time Period

Grants will be available for a period of up to two years from the starting date. Upon termination of an award, any unspent balance will revert to Western International's Curriculum Development Fund. Extensions may be granted in special circumstances upon written request to Western International.


The awardee must submit an annual progress report including details on how the funds have been spent. Within three months of the termination of the award, awardees must submit to Western International a brief final report (1-2 pages) detailing what was accomplished with the grant.


The budget should demonstrate how other sources, including student fees and/or department and faculty contributions, will assist with the costs associated with this initiative and its sustainability.

Western will be the employer of any staff hired using project funds; therefore researchers must pay appropriate wages and include benefits at established rates. Consult the HR Services website for details.

All equipment purchased with internal grant funds becomes the property of Western. Written quotes, or advertisements indicating prices, must accompany the application. The committee will entertain requests for computers and related equipment and software. Requests to supplement or match departmental or decanal contributions, rather than fully fund the costs, are encouraged.

Supplies and Services:
Whenever appropriate, numbers of units and unit costs should be explained. Quotes from suppliers should be provided for purchased services, e.g., computing or equipment repairs.

Travel Expenses:
Travel must comply with Western policies and regulations and will cover travel and subsistence costs only. Please note that funds for student mobility are granted through the Global Opportunities awards program and will no longer be supported through the ICF.

Award Conditions

Teaching Support Centre
Recipients who are awarded funds for the design or re-design of a curriculum are required to set up a consultation with the Teaching Support Centre (TSC). The TSC may assist faculty members with incorporating learning activities appropriate for international and/or intercultural education either through individual consultation or through its Course Design workshop, offered in the early summer each year.

Recipients of the ICF for curriculum design or re-design are also strongly encouraged to present their projects at the TSC's Spring/Fall Perspectives on Teaching Conference for faculty and/or other discipline-specific forums. Presenting at a conference helps recipients meet the requirement for sharing the outcomes of their projects with the Western community.

Project Evaluation Criteria


Questions may be directed to Western International by email to globalgrants@uwo.ca