Western International

Frank Miller

Frank MillerDepartment: Hospitality Services
Position: Director, Hospitality Services

Leave for Change Mandate

Country & Place of Assignment: Vietnam – Rach Giá
Dates:  Nov. 8 – Dec. 6, 2014

What motivated you to apply for Leave for Change?

Being a successful leader in the Hospitality Services industry, I have expertise to share with regards to food preparation methods, food safety, health and safety, training and business management, all of which could assist other countries in furthering their development. I want to give back via my life experiences and share my expertise. I feel I can also learn from experiences in other countries.

Also, I’m excited for the opportunity to better understand the dining requirements of international students which we can adapt, and change and enhance our methods of providing a better experience at Western University. 

What do you hope to share with your host?

I have had the opportunity to conduct consulting reviews for various schools across North America which has helped them to improve their operations (i.e. Cornell University). I have a strong ability to determine better practices and processes in food operations. My active participation in food safety policies and procedures would also be beneficial. Sustainability is another area where I can assist as well as in developing menus with a focus on nutrition and diversity.

In preparing for your mandate, what has surprised you?

I am both surprised and excited to have the opportunity to share my knowledge at a college in Vietnam that teaches Food Services. I never expected to have this type of opportunity and am thrilled to be an ambassador for Western. Something else that has taken me aback a little is the countless kudos I’ve received from the Western community.

What do you think you will gain personally from this experience?

I will gain great personal satisfaction in making a difference in a developing country. I’m excited to share the knowledge I’ve gained during my years as a Hospitality Services professional.

What do you hope to bring back to Western from your experience?

I hope to gain an understanding of non-North American cultures and foods; learn how to adapt our food services to different cultures so that Western’s mission for international recruitment lines up with our dining services; and understand the cultures of different countries and what their expectations are when they arrive at Western.

What do you think your biggest challenge will be?

The language barrier is sure to be the biggest challenge but I’m up for it and look forward to figuring out how best to communicate. Other challenges will be adjusting to a significantly different diet (it’s always about food for me!), the heat, and being away from my day-to-day life for a month.