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About the Institution

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St. Augustine University of Tanzania, a secular and private institution of Higher learning owned and managed by the Catholic Church. Its vision is the provision of higher education and training that would impart academic and professional skills, as well as inculcate values of civic and social learning, such as acquisition of national identity, cultural norms, political growth and responsible citizenship. Thus, the church’s vision is holistic development of a person and respect for human dignity.


The Opportunity

Dr. Thadeus Mkamwa, Vice Chancellor of SAUT has arranged for SAUT students to be matched with WHE student interns to collaborate on community projects meeting specific needs identified by local NGOs. In consultation with NGO’s in the Mwanza community, the following projects were identified and student interns requested to work on the goals. It is intended that SAUT students be matched with the Western interns in order to learn together and meet the goals and deliverables of the community organizations. Western interns are required to have completed their second year of studies. Students will be assigned to projects based on their area of study and knowledge. The students will work with SAUT students from similar faculty programs to conduct the work, apply their academic learning, and provide a final report.


Internships will take place May 15, 2016 and August 15, 2016.

Internship Projects 2016

1. St. Augustine University of Tanzania is collaborating with Western Heads East to establish a self-sustaining FITI probiotic yoghurt kitchen on campus.  Faculty and staff will be involved in producing and selling the probiotic yoghurt on and around campus and will provide public education about the health benefits of the yoghurt and general nutrition education.  Once established, it is hoped that the campus kitchen, together with the well established women’s groups in Mwanza, will be able to provide training and support to new community kitchens starting up in Mwanza.   The WHE Interns will assist with establish SOPS for yoghurt production, business, marketing, and sales plans, set up of opening and closing hygiene practices, and set up good book keeping and production records.

2. Education for Better Living Organization aims to empower 300 young mothers (100 per year) with computer and job-related skills and passion for entrepreneurship so as to reduce joblessness, dependency, and related social, psychological and financial problem by 2016. Mr. Benard Makachia, Executive Director of the program, has requested marketing interns to work with the organization to publicize and promote the soaps and other products made by participants in the program. 

3. Mikono Yetu works with women’s groups and the community supporting the development of social-enterprise and micro-enterprise operations.  Executive Director, Maimuna Kanyamala, is interested in having students from Western and SAUT develop cases studies with vulnerable populations and women demonstrating the impact of social enterprise in reducing gender-based violence, economic empowerment, alleviation of poverty, and other unintended impacts.  The students would work with Mikono Yetu to develop a report about impact incorporating the case studies. 

Deliverables for the above projects include:

Project 1:

Project 2:

Project 3:

Please note: We recognize that obtaining a faculty advisor, reference letters and arranging course credit is a process. Please submit your application even if you have not yet secured these things. WHE staff will work with you to assist in these processes.

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