Western in the World is our university’s new multi-year global engagement plan, designed to strengthen our internationalization efforts for greater impact, in pursuit of a more sustainable, just and inclusive society.

We are committed to exploring not just how Western can make a positive difference in the world, but how people around the world can help us cultivate more inclusive, diverse and sustainable practices.

Our plan is anchored in four key themes:

Expand Western's Global Range

Champion Global Citizenship

Amplify Western's Global Research Impact

Enable Western's Capacity for Global Success


Transforming global engagement into impact, towards a more sustainable, just and inclusive society.


To positively influence lives throughout the world by:

  • Educating global citizens: preparing students, faculty and staff for success and impact around the world.
  • Sharing Western’s strengths and expertise through international collaborative research and partnerships, enabling others to achieve their goals while collectively learning new ways of knowing, being, and doing.



Our words and actions are consistent, fostering trust and accountability.

Mutual Respect and Benefit

We acknowledge the space and privilege we occupy and strive to build connections that are respectful of and welcoming to what our partners contribute, creating reciprocal benefits that amplify creativity and impact.

Equity and Inclusion

Whenever and wherever we engage, we are respectful of diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences. We are mindful of past actions that have caused harm and purposeful in our resolve to do and be better.


We are committed to environmentally, socially and economically responsible approaches that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and consider our long-term impact on the planet, the economy and society.