Western Heads East


Asante Bob!

By Toby, WHE Intern, Tanzania 2017

So which bacteria did you eat today? 

An animated story of two probiotic (good) bacteria and the challenges they face on their journey through the human digestive system. 

Ivey in Africa: St. Augustine University of Tanzania (2017)

Ivey Business School students collaborated with one of our partner universities, St. Augustine University of Tanzania, and worked briefly with our intern, Toby Le, as part of Ivey in Africa program. 

Video Testimonials on Impact of WHE Program

Ellena Andoniou, PhD Student Global Health and Development, sheds light on her research experience with the Western Heads East in this short video.

The 'messy realities' of internationalizing university curricula – Reflections by Kate Grantham, doctoral student affiliated with Western Heads East 

A 5-minute video of Kenya recipients of the probiotic yoghurt sharing their stories.

A 14-minute video from the WHE Program partners and recipients of the probiotic yoghurt in Oyugis Kenya was submitted to World Bank July 2010.

A 3-minute video of Mama Paskwalina, Chair of the Tukwamuane Women's Group, Mwanza, Tanzania.

Start Awareness Support Action (SASA): SASA is a video about the relationship between AIDS and violence against women in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mama Joyce, one of the yoghurt mamas with Tukwamuane Women's Group, is featured in this video to bring awareness and a call for action to prevent violence against women and HIV infection.

Video credit to: People's Picture Company and Raising Voices