Western Heads East

Yogurt Mamas

'Yogurt Mamas' is a local term of respect and affection for the women who operate probiotic yogurt kitchens in their communities. These women are the cornerstones of the Western Heads East (WHE) program in that they run the grassroots community kitchens that make the project viable in East Africa. Yogurt kitchens have empowered Yogurt Mamas to foster change in their communities by helping them to contribute to the health of their communities and draw an income for their families whilst stimulating significant economic development. Through their dedication and hard work, yogurt kitchens have become an integral part of the community life wherein they also act as hubs of health information in the community. Yogurt Mamas and other womens' groups receive training on nutrition, health information, HIV prevention, violence and relationships which through them is then disseminated to the community. Please meet some of our Yogurt Mamas:

Mwanza, Tanzania - Tukwamuane Yogurt Mamas

Kenya Oyugis Yogurt Mamas