Western Heads East

Fundraising & Education Committee Members

Volunteer to make a personal, invaluable contribution to the global community and gain practical experience in a non-profit context.

Please contact us at westernheadseast@uwo.ca for more information on how to get involved.



Hi, my name is Tanya and I have the privilege of being Western Heads East Fundraising and Education Committee's Chair for this year! My role is to guide a committee of 11 coordinators and help create awareness about Western Heads East!


Hi, I'm Rosalind Chia and one of the Events coordinators for WHE. Naushin, my partner, and I work on fundraisers and hold volunteer trips throughout the year aiming to spread awareness of our amazing initiative here @ Western!


My name is Naushin Chowdhury. My position is Events Coordinator. My role is to brainstorm and plan interactive events for the students!


Hello! I am Janhavi, one of the Social Media Coordinators of Western Heads East. I am thrilled to collaborate with different coordinators on the team and create exciting promotional material for our events. Currently, I am looking forward to creating newsletters for WHE!


Hi, my name is Minakshi Doobay. I am one of the Membership Coordinators of Western Heads East. My role is to organize monthly meetings for volunteers where we host guest speakers and discuss local and international volunteer opportunities. Volunteer coordinators also stay in contact with general volunteers throughout the year and work with the rest of them for fundraisers and other outreach events.


My name is Harika and I am the other half of Social Media Coordinators! I make the posters, videos and makes sure that the messages of WHE get out there into the public. I love what I do because I get to use my photoshop and final cut skills for a good cause like WHE and work with an amazing team!



My name is Alok, and I’m in the second year of engineering. My position is Financial Advisor, and my role is to ensure that WHE/we effectively budget(s) their/our funds for the plethora of events and initiatives being held throughout the year.


My name is Sebastian! As this year’s book-drive coordinator, I am responsible for working with external and on-campus partners to organize the collection, organization, and shipment of textbooks to our partner university, Saint Augustine University, in Tanzania. In East Africa, where textbooks are not always accessible or are often very expensive, the book-drive helps spread awareness about educational equalities and helps provide students in East Africa with the resources necessary to continue their education and become leaders in their community.


My name is Samira and I am the International Week Coordinator for Western Heads East! My main role is in planning the WHE online auction. Other roles include organizing and planning one of the main events for International Week: Africa Western Collaboration Day (AWC Day)!


Hey, my name is Nordiah. My position is External Relations Coordinator and my role is to act as a liaison for Western Heads East (WHE) by building and creating a partnership with other clubs at Western and the London Community and to also work with WHE executive members to promote and increase WHE’s presence throughout the Western Community.

Gagan Singh:
I was initially drawn to Western Heads East because it was a means through which I could practically apply my undergraduate training in microbiology & immunology to help others. More importantly, though, the cultural sensitivity and sustainability of WHE initiatives by integration of local partnerships at every level of this globally collaborative endeavor are the reasons which kept me coming back year after year as a general member and now as a fundraising and education committee member for 2 years. There is always something to learn, and for that, I am incredibly grateful.