2016-17 General Meetings

General Meeting #2:

In lieu of the busy midterm season, members were still enthused to attend Western Heads East’s second General Members’ Meeting on October 26, with an amalgamated Trivia Night de-stressor event following the meeting. As the Ronald McDonald House event and yogurt fermentation event nears in mid-November, much discussion and curiosity from the volunteers about the event arose through email correspondence, thus necessitating for a volunteers’ meeting. Executive members and volunteers discussed possible recipe ideas post-yogurt fermentation, and for the upcoming Brescia yogurt smoothie sale, AIDS awareness week, and Western Heads East’s own International Week event. Further updates on internship opportunities and applications for Summer 2017 were communicated, comprising much of the volunteers’ interest. The meeting was adjourned, promptly followed by a Trivia Night competition, where volunteers tested their knowledge about Western Heads East, upcoming events, and random facts. Congratulations to the winners, Team Celery, who demonstrated extensive knowledge about the charity and everything that it does!

General Meeting #1: 

A successful turnout at the 2016 Volunteers Fair translated well into the first General Members’ Meeting on September 21 at the Arts and Humanities Building, where many expressed interest in Western Heads East’s internship program and volunteer opportunities. More than triple the number of attendees came to the meeting compared to last year; the meeting kicked off on a high note, with introductory ice breakers executive members were introduced, further information about the charitable organization was communicated, and previous interns discussed their experiences working with Yoghurt Mamas in Africa. To end off the meeting, volunteers were given the chance to choose a subcommittee team, pursuant to each Executive member, that they would like to volunteer for in the upcoming year. Additionally, applications were sent out for the coveted First-Year Res Rep, and 2nd and 3rd Year Rep positions. As a great start to the school term, Western Heads East continues to plan on hosting monthly meetings to retain involvement from the volunteers and keep them updated with future events. 

An honourable mention goes to Aranyah Shanke, the winner of our raffle draw for a Spoke gift card during the Volunteers Fair!