Fundraising & Education Committee

The Western Heads East student-led Fundraising & Education committee members this year are pumped and ready with more fundraisers and exciting volunteer trips planned!

Last year the Fundraising & Education Committee raised over $4000 with events like our annual online auction, a friendly competition between first year chemistry classes, bake sales and more. The student-led committee also facilitated a Book Drive with our partner institution, St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) where we collected over 500 textbooks relevant to academic programs at SAUT and raised the funds for shipping. A special thank you to campus partners The Book Store and Housing at Western, who both made significant contributions to our efforts. Another very special thank you to Brytor International Moving who donated the shipping at-cost, making this initiative possible.

Our goal this year focuses on increasing campus awareness of critical and ethical global engagement and volunteer involvement through engaging service opportunities.

Get involved by joining us at the Ronald McDonald House in November where volunteers get to ferment yogurt the way Yogurt Mamas do at their community kitchens in East Africa, or participate in our monthly events including bake sales, candy grams, and event collaborations with Western student-run clubs throughout the school year. Africa-Western Collaboration Day during International Week in another option to learn more about Western’s involvement with partners in Africa.

Students interested in making a personal, invaluable contribution to the global community and gaining practical experience are more than welcome to sign up to volunteer with the Fundraising and Education Committee by emailing Check out the Western Heads East Facebook page and give it a thumbs up to learn more about our initiative! 

To hear from the committee members themselves and see some of the things they do on campus check out this short video.