Fundraising & Education Executive Applications Due May 16th

Western Heads East – Fundraising & Education Committee 2018-2019

Executive Application

Name: __________________________________ Western E-mail:_______________________

Year of study (-18/19): ________ Program: ______________ Phone Number: ____________

Positions available:

  1. Africa Western Collaboration Day (AWC) Coordinator
  2. Membership Coordinator


Candidate Eligibility:

The candidate must be a current Student at Western University and be willing to commit for the entire academic year (4-5 hours/week commitment). Position eligibility for work-study.

Please submit a proposal no longer than 1 page via e-mail to the Western Heads East Fundraising and Education Committee Co-Chairs (Nordiah Newell & Rosalind Chia), by 11:59 PM, May 16th 2018. Please include the following information in the proposal:

  • Why you are interested in the position(s)
  • What relevant experience you have
  • Any ideas you may have on how you will get started in the position
  • List any other commitments you have during the academic year

Interviews (Skype or Phone) will be scheduled after May 16thThe interview will consist of a brief presentation of the ideas put forth in the application by the candidate, followed by a brief Q&A Session.

Completed Application, as well as any Questions or Concerns can be sent to:

Nordiah Newell and Rosalind Chia  

All volunteer hours can count towards Global and Intercultural Engagement Honor


Roles & Responsibilities


Africa-Western Collaboration Day (AWC) Coordinator: (2 positions)

  • 4 – 5 hour commitment/week minimum. Hours may vary depending on events and tasks given
  • Work collaboratively with WHE staff, AWC planning committee, and a work-study student to plan Africa-Western Collaboration Day, which takes place during International Week and is the largest WHE event of the year. Some planning details will include:
    • Arranging food
    • Assisting with preparations for the keynote speaker
    • Decorations and floor plan
    • Recruiting volunteers and assigning tasks
    • Assisting with arrangements for student poster presentations
    • Promotions
    • Note that there are resources available to support all the above tasks
  • Plan the WHE Annual Online Auction which takes place late November-early December
    • Distribute donation request letters using a contacts spreadsheet updated annually*
    • Track donations and follow-up with phone calls*
    • Assist with picking up items not delivered to WHE office*
    • Create a Sponsors page to recognize our donors
    • Create a catalogue of auction items to distribute among faculties
    • Set up auction website (requires communication with Simple Auction Site and uploading photos and description of each auction item)
  • Support another executive WHE team division during second semester
  • Complete Western required online training to volunteer with Western International

*Items with an asterisk indicate tasks that are started during the summer with work-study student support

Membership Coordinator: (2 positions)

  • 4 – 5 hours commitment per week, hours may vary depending on general meetings, events and tasks assigned
  • Volunteer training, appreciation, updates
    • Maintain an up-to-date email list of all volunteers
    • Create Facebook group for general volunteer updates/communication
    • Maintain weekly communication with volunteers regarding WHE updates, upcoming events, meeting reminders, etc.
    • Emailing volunteers after events to thank them and encourage to keep participating
  • Organize and plan monthly meetings with general volunteers
    • Ensure monthly meetings include 3 components: education, social, and volunteer work towards events/campaigns
    • Coordinate with the Events Coordinators and Co-Chairs to plan meetings that keep volunteers engaged and updated on events
  • Organize the Volunteer Week booth in September and other information booths throughout the year
  • Recruit volunteers and encourage regular participation by assigning roles such as first year residence representatives, second/third year representatives, etc.
  • Work with External Coordinator to promote Western Heads East to first year students in residence council meetings
  • Ensuring volunteers sign up for and attend events
    • Track volunteer hours if needed
  • Help organize the St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser, where first year chemistry (or other course) classes who meet the set goal (e.g. $100) will get the prize of seeing their professor dress up in a leprechaun costume
  • Organize and carry out the volunteer appreciation dinner at the end of year
  • Complete Western required online training to volunteer with Western International