Global Opportunities Awards – Thanks from the interns

Western Heads East Global Opportunities Awards help provide life-transforming opportunities for students, while contributing to greater health and women’s empowerment in East Africa.

Students who received a WHE Global Opportunities Award wanted to share what this scholarship meant to them.

Wenna Deng“Receiving the Global Opportunities Award made my trip to Kenya with the Western Heads East internship possible! The internship has allowed me to be immersed in Kenyan culture, learn first-hand about political challenges that Kenya faces, and do productive and meaningful work! During my three months, I worked with JKUAT students, Emily (a fellow intern), and my supervisor to make yogurt, establish JKUAT as the Kenyan hub for Fiti Probiotic Yogurt, establish a partnership with the Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi, and update posters and labels. Going abroad has also helped my personal and professional growth in ways that would not be possible had I stayed in Canada. For example, I've learned to adapt to a new culture, make friends with people from around the world, adjust to a language barrier, and navigate a different way of life! I truly feel like everyone should go abroad to countries of various development levels to get out of their comfort zone and gain new perspectives. I appreciate the generosity of the donors and hope to be able to give back in the future as well!”

- Wenna Deng, WHE Intern 2018, JKUAT, Juja, Kenya


Anisah Hooda“Receiving the Global Opportunities Award has granted me the opportunity to apply my knowledge on both a practical as well as a global scale and has allowed me to push my capabilities both personally and professionally. From this experience I was able to gain a well-rounded understanding of the various factors that contribute towards structural inequalities and access to health care in different regions around the world.”

- Anisah Hooda, WHE Intern 2018, Mikono Yetu, Mwanza, Tanzania


Michael TesfayI want to say thank you to all the people that made it possible for me to be awarded funding from the WHE Global Opportunities Award. You have put many students, including myself, in the position where they can receive an experience like no other by going abroad and obtaining information they never could have in a classroom. For this opportunity you have made possible, I will be forever grateful. I hope everyone involved realizes the impact this award has made on the students at Western University.

- Michael Tesfay, WHE Intern 2018, University of Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda


Nokuzola Ncube"Receiving a Global Opportunity Award has given me the opportunity to intersect my knowledge of health studies with my passion for sustainable development. I have also been able to learn new skills while strengthening my existing ones. Ultimately, this award is bringing me one step closer to my long-term goal of working in sub-Saharan Africa, and for that I am grateful!"

- Nokuzola Ncube, WHE Intern, 2018, Education for Better Living, Mwanza, Tanzania


The challenge for many students in participating with a Western Heads East internship is funding this experience, particularly during the summer months when most are working to finance their education. The cost of a Western Heads East three-month internship can be up to $5,000. To help support the expense for students to participate, please consider supporting the Western Heads East Global Opportunities awards. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Western believes so strongly in the value of international experiences such as the WHE internships that each donation to the WHE Global Opportunities Award fund will be matched 1:1, doubling the impact of every dollar.

  1. A commitment of $2,000 per year for four years will generate, each year, four $1,000 named Global Opportunities Awards directed to the WHE program.
  2. Annually, gifts of any amount less than $2,000 will be combined to a collective total of $8,000. This would generate sixteen dedicated Western Heads East Global Opportunities awards.