Fundraising & Education Committee: Looking back and ahead

Fundraising and Education Committee membersWestern Heads East student-led Fundraising and Education Committee members have been very busy this past semester with many volunteering events raising awareness and funds for Western Heads East initiatives. 

One of the biggest committee events, the Annual Online Auction, raised over $1,100 this year! With exciting auction items and incredible community support, we are so grateful for the Western community supporting this fundraiser. A very special thank you to all of our sponsors

In November, Western Heads East volunteers gathered at Ronald McDonald House for a night of delicious baking. The group prepared a batch of tasty yogurt berry smoothies and red velvet cookies for enjoyment of all staying at Ronald McDonald House.

Rewinding back to September, the students welcomed new Mustangs to campus during Orientation Serves (O-Serves) where first year students were introduced to the Western Heads East program and our critical and ethical approach to global engagement. Volunteers helped to spread the word about Western Heads East by making beaded bracelets that are given away during events throughout the year.

Among all of that, the students also created a video series on aspects of the Western Heads East program such as Probiotics and Yogurt Mamas.

Looking ahead to this semester, you can keep an eye out for new and exciting events such as:

  • St. Patrick's Day fundraising competition across classes
  • A collaboration with Youth Opportunities Unlimited
  • Approaching Global Health in a Critical and Ethical Way; a case competition and student presentations are in the works

Students interested in making a personal, invaluable contribution to the global community and gaining practical experience are more than welcome to sign up to volunteer with the Fundraising and Education Committee by emailing Check out the Western Heads East Facebook page and give it a thumbs up to learn more about our initiative!

To hear from the committee members themselves and see some of the things they do on campus check out the short video below.