Scholars at Risk

Scholars at Risk is an international network of institutions and individuals working to promote academic freedom and to defend the human rights of scholars worldwide. As a member of the Canadian section of Scholars at Risk, Western opens the door to scholars facing severe human rights abuses in their home country so that they may continue their work in a safe environment.

How does the Scholars at Risk Program Work?

Professors, lecturers, researchers and other intellectuals may apply for a temporary academic position at Western through the Scholars at Risk network. In return, Western students benefit from inspiring scholars who teach, lecture and participate in other academic activities. Many scholars return to their home countries after their visits. When safe return is not possible, the network will work with scholars to identify opportunities to continue their work abroad.

More information on Scholars at Risk:

For more information about Scholars at Risk at Western contact:

Bob Gough
Director, International Internships and Development