Radboud-Western Collaboration Fund

Radboud University, The Netherlands and Western have created a Collaboration Fund to facilitate and support joint initiatives that will strengthen the two universities’ strategic priorities, through innovative education as well as multi-disciplinary cutting-edge research to create academic and societal impact.

The Collaboration Fund encourages proposals for one-year collaboration projects in the areas of research and learning & teaching (education) as well as opportunities for short term mobility visits.

The application and a guide for applicants, which includes information on the selection criteria, are now available.

Application Information

Applications for the Radboud-Western Fund are now upen and being accepted until June 30, 2021

Application Form

Application Guidelines: Research and Learning & Teaching Projects


Program Contacts:

Western community members should direct any questions related to this program to Radboud@uwo.ca.
Radboud community members should direct questions to Western@ru.nl.


A workshop was held on March 24, 2021, where participants were provided with more details about this initiative, given an overview of Radboud and learned about some existing collaborations. 

Workshop Program - March 24, 2021

9:00 am

 Welcome and Overview of Workshop Program

Lise Laporte, Senior Director, Western International 

9:10 am

Remarks from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Sanne Echten, Innovation Attaché, part of the Innovation Attaché Network North America

9:20 am

Radboud Western Collaboration Fund

Rob van Leeuwen, Acting Head International Mobility & Coordinator Partnerships, Radboud University

9:30 am

Introduction to Radboud University

Elco van Noort, Internationalisation Coordinator, Radboud University Radboud University

 9:40 am

Existing Collaborations - Research: Donders/Brain & Mind; NeurotechEU Project

  • Prof. dr. Tansu Celikel, Professor Neurophysiology at Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Radboud University
  • Brian Corneil, Professor Depts. of Physiology & Pharmacology; Psychology, Brain and Mind Institute, Western University

 9:55 am

 Existing Collaborations - Education: Management and Organizational Studies

  • Maria Ferarro, Lecturer; Coordinator, Netherlands Semester Abroad Program, DAN Management, Western University
  • Chris van Hooijdonk is a lecturer at the Department of Economics and Business, Radboud University

 10:05 am

Wrap up

Jacquelyn Burkell, Acting Associate Vice President (Research), Western University

 10:10 am

Next Steps: Networking Breakout rooms

Lise Laporte, Senior Director International, Western University