Global Engagement

Students looking to gain intercultural and global experiences have many options – both at home and abroad.

Whether you choose to travel to another country or engage in international-focused activities and programs offered on or off campus, there are opportunities to expand your global perspective, learn about different cultures and make connections.

Find programs and support through Western International.

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Global Café

Hosted by Western International student volunteers and staff every Thursday, Global Café is a great place to meet people from around the world and learn about different cultures and experiences. Bring your friends or connect with new people–all Western students are welcome to drop in!

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International Week

An annual event at many postsecondary institutions, International Week celebrates diversity at Western, offers opportunities for all Western students, faculty and staff to engage in discussion and debate about international issues, and encourages learning about international education, intercultural skills, and cultural traditions and activities.

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Become a Volunteer

Every year, Western International recruits hundreds of volunteers who assist with the coordination, planning and implementation of activities and programs. Make connections and build skills like intercultural communication, leadership and organization as part of the team.

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Global Honour

Western's Global & Intercultural Engagement Honour recognizes and rewards students' experience and engagement in related curricular and extracurricular activities during their time at Western. Once achieved, the Global Honour appears on a student’s official transcript upon graduation. Pursuing the Global Honour helps students develop the skills required to navigate and succeed in an increasingly globalized reality, both professionally and personally.

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Go Abroad

With more than 170 programs in 40 countries, Western makes it easy to gain international experience beyond the classroom through a number of opportunities, including exchange, short-term study programs, research, internships and more. Find the program that suits you and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

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Virtual Internships

Virtual internships are professional work experiences conducted online with host organizations around the world. They provide students with the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience from the convenience of their own homes. Virtual internships are an ideal option for students seeking professional growth and international experience while reducing the financial, travel and time commitments of an internship abroad.

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Global Undergraduate Awards

The Global Undergraduate Awards is the world’s leading undergraduate awards program. Upper-year students are encouraged to submit their course work to earn recognition from a global audience and connect with other students across cultures and disciplines.

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Safety Abroad & Travel Registry

All Western students participating in University sanctioned international activities are required to enrol in Western's International Travel Registry. This information enables Western to monitor student safety, update students on travel advisories from the Canadian Government, and locate and provide assistance in case of an emergency overseas.

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International Student Services

Western International is here to support international and exchange students throughout their time at Western – whether they are new to Canada or they’ve been here for a while. Programs and services offered by Western International help students develop skills, learn about key services and supports, and connect with friends and community.

International student advisors are also licensed immigration professionals who can assist international students with questions about arriving in Canada, extending their study permit, planning to work post-graduation, and other visa and permit inquiries.

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International Learning Supports

Western International supports students going abroad on exchange, study abroad, research, internship, faculty-led programs, and other experiences, as well as engaging in international and intercultural learning at home. We also provide safety abroad-related support for students, faculty and staff on travel registry compliance, pre-departure training and International SOS services.