Western International

International Centres and Institutes

International institutes

As a core part of Western's research mission, all centres, groups and individual scholars at Western strive to collaborate internationally, as well as to create and share knowledge around the globe. Some of our research centres and groups have very specific international themes or goals.

Western International has identified the following research centres and groups at Western that are focused on specific issues and topics that are international or cross-cultural in nature.

This list is constantly evolving. If you know of an institute, research group or centre at Western that should be listed here please email Western International's Communications Officer.

Centres and Affiliates Abroad

The following Western centres and affiliated operations are located internationally:

The Cheng Yu Tung Management Institute, Richard Ivey School of Business, Hong Kong
Ivey India, Mumbai, India
CSTAR (Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics)-China, Chengdu, China
WORLDiscoveries Asia, Nanjing, China and Hong Kong
Robarts Europe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Robarts West, San Diego, U.S.A.
Soochow-Western Synchrotron Radiation Research Centre