Visiting University Scholars Funding Program

Please note that due to an increased interest in this program, the program budget for this year has already been fully allocated, and the application process is closed until Spring 2024.

The Visiting University Scholars Program is a funding opportunity provided annually by Western International. 

Faculties are invited to nominate international scholars for short- to medium-term visits throughout the year. A maximum award of $3,000 will be matched with funds provided by the host faculty.

Scholars invited to Western under the Visiting University Scholar Program will receive the designation of “Western Fellow” during the period of their stay. This designation serves to provide enhanced recognition to visiting scholars at Western. It may also be included in the visitor's curriculum vitae and should be used in all communication associated with the scholar's visit.

Visiting University Scholars must participate in one or more of the following while at Western:
  • Teach at selected classes as a guest lecturer
  • Speak at specially arranged seminars for students, faculty and/or community members
  • Research collaboration with Western faculty members

Program Guidelines and Nomination forms are not available currently.
Please check this website in Spring 2024 for updated forms.

About Nominations

Nomination forms require the signature of the Department Chair (if applicable) and the Dean. 

Nominations are accepted throughout the year. A nominated international scholar may have his/her visit supported only once during the tenure of this program. Applications must be submitted prior to the arrival of the visiting scholar at Western.

Final Reports from the host Faculty are due to Western International within three months of the end of the visit. 

For more information, contact:

Western International
Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 83909