The Paris Climate Conference: Behind Closed Doors - December 16

The Centre for Environment and Sustainability at Western invites you to a special presentation

"The Paris Climate Conference: Behind Closed Doors"

December 16 at 1:00 pm

114 North Campus Building

All Welcome

Professor Radoslav Dimitrov
Professor Radoslav Dimitrov, Political Science
The Paris Agreement expected to be launched this week will define the global response to climate change. It is a result of intense international negotiations since 2007 that have previously failed to produce a success. What really happened in Paris? This presentation will address the controversial negotiating issues, the positions of major countries and Canada's role in the conference. It will clarify the key elements of the new agreement, the political dynamics of its creation, and its ramifications for climate governance. Dr. Dimitrov served on the European delegation in Paris and was an active participant in the negotiations that finalized the agreement.