Checklist for Visiting Delegations

Western International will work with Departments or Faculties hosting international visitors. Depending on the nature of the visit, either the Department or Western International will take the lead on planning and logistics. The following steps should be taken, regardless of the lead organizer. Western International can provide advice and consultation as needed.

Checklist for International Visiting Delegations

  • Western International is notified of all visitors in order to log the information and to assist in determining whether the request will be met or not, by considering the Classification Criteria as outlined in the Hosting Visitors page.
  • Where a request is accepted, Western International or the Responsive Department will contact the head or organizer of the delegation to have the International Delegations Visit Request form completed.
  • Western International or Responsive Department determines the content of the visit program, including contacting appropriate staff / faculty for meetings, coordinating the schedule and making all logistical / technical arrangements.
  • Western International or Responsive Department forwards a copy of the final visit program to the head or organizer of the visiting delegation, including instructions / maps / parking information and other details to aid the delegation when they arrive at the university. A university cell phone or emergency number should also be provided to the delegation lead, in the event of last-minute changes, delays, etc.

For every visiting delegation, Western International or Responsive Department ensures that:

  • Welcome Greeting / Sign is posted in a prominent location for the delegation’s arrival at the university.
  • Visit Agenda (finalized) is provided to each member of the delegation upon arrival / during first meeting.
  • General University information packages are prepared and provided, including added information about specialty areas of interest (where possible). Protocol or promotional items may also be provided.
  • Flag of Visiting Delegation country is displayed in front of IGAB (and Alumni Circle, depending on delegation country and visitor rank), as a welcoming and respectful gesture to the visitors.
  • A picture is taken of the visiting delegation with a senior administrator at picturesque place on campus, as appropriate to the delegation / visit agenda.
  • Ensure that appropriate media coverage is arranged by contacting Communications and Public Affairs, submitting article, posting news about visit on main university website, etc.
  • As appropriate, Western International or Responsive Department will follow up on any further requests for information or issues that may have arisen during visit but were not addressed at the time.


Melissa Franco,
Assistant to Vice Provost International
Phone: 519.661.2111 x86409