Travel and Logistics

This information is meant to help Western University faculty and staff when planning for an international visitor.

Arrival and Departure

Determine how your guest(s) will arrive on campus:

  • Western representative will meet the visitor(s) at the airport/train station and provide an escort to campus or the hotel
  • the host department will send a car
  • the visitor(s) will seek his/her own transportation.

Your decision will depend on the visitor’s status and familiarity with London and the availability of an escort at the appointed time. The same considerations should apply to the visitor’s departure.

Refer visitors to the Visiting Western web page for helpful travel directions and accommodation information.

Planning the Itinerary

After considering the objectives and status of the visitor(s), determine which activities are most appropriate. Although your primary interest will likely be introducing the visitor to the University and its many academic programs and facilities, you may also want to include community, business and government meeting opportunities. The following are some ideas to consider.

Academic/Professional Interests

  • Meeting with Deans/faculty in specific fields
  • Determine other interests of visitor—for example, a visitor who is a President of a university abroad may be interested in meeting with other administrators
  • Interacting with students, especially those from the same country as the visitor
  • Meeting with deans or central administrative officers
  • Meeting with the President , Provost, Vice-Presidents or Vice-Provosts
  • Meeting with faculty in interdisciplinary research centers
  • Meet with Affiliated University Colleges
  • Meeting with civic groups or political leaders
  • Tours of local businesses
  • Tour of specific facilities on campus
  • Public talk and/or reception with faculty and/or students

Social and Cultural Interests