International Faculty-Led Programs


A faculty-led experience involves a structured group learning activity under the supervision of a home-institution faculty member comprising of credit course(s) or community engaged learning (CEL) experience(s). Educational activities within faculty-led study abroad courses are centered on a portion of the learning taking place abroad, outside the classroom.

Community engaged learning experiences include credit or non-credit activities abroad that emphasize learning about social issues, and which involve community partners or organizations.

Western has a broad range of faculty-led experiences across most faculties. Some examples include a theatre course in London, UK, health science course in Scandinavia, a field school learning about tropical biodiversity in Ecuador, or learning about the memory and politics of the Holocaust. With all faculty-led programs, students have the option to experience different cultures, learn in a unique group setting, and closely connect with faculty members as well as other academic and community partners. The study abroad portions of these experiences vary from shorter trips such as one or two weeks to a full term, most often with learning and preparation in class prior to departure.

Benefits of Faculty-Led Programs

  • Gain global perspective
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Experience a different country and culture
  • Connect classroom learning to real-world experiences
  • Experience a unique group-learning environment

Program Details

  • Students register, pay tuition and program fees to Western
  • Bursaries and scholarships are available
  • Timing of programs vary widely, with some opportunities taking place during the academic year and others in the summer or during reading week(s)
  • Deadlines may be six months to one year in advance of the program departure, check specific program eligibily and details online in Atlas

How to Apply

  • Before you pack your bags, you'll have to decide what kind of international experience you want to have, and which program is right for you. This guide will help you to ask the important questions and make sure you pick the program that's best for you.
  • Search available programs via Atlas, Western's International Learning portal
  • Under "Type" in the right-hand side of the search box, select "Faculty Led Study Abroad" or “Community Engaged Learning” then "Apply Search"
  • Review details and eligibility requirements for your program of interest
  • Follow the link on the individual program page for application
  • Application fees* and additional fees* vary by program (* Fees are non-refundable)
  • Watch our Atlas How-to Videos


  • Application deadlines vary by program, generally between late Fall and early Winter terms. Check specific program details in  Atlas

We invite you to contact our office with any questions or to discuss plans and supports.

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