Steps for Faculty & Staff Leading Students

Faculty and Staff leaders who are responsible for supervising student trips abroad are asked to please follow the steps below as soon as possible once travel arrangements are confirmed. Students participating in your program must enter their travel information into Western's Travel Registry no later than 3 weeks prior to travel.  

If you have any questions, please review the FAQ for Faculty and Staff Leading Student Trips Abroad.

Steps for Faculty and Staff Leading Student Trips Abroad 

Step 1: Review Government of Canada travel advisories

The Government of Canada provides travel advice and advisories for Canadians travelling abroad. Review and monitor this information regularly. Western's Safety Abroad Policy restricts student travel to countries with an official travel advisory stating "avoid non-essential travel" and "avoid all travel." If your proposed destination is under an official travel advisory, or if you have questions about the Safety Abroad policy please contact Western International via email at to discuss and evaluate the planned itinerary. Please also review the frequently asked questions list.

Step 2: Arrange pre-departure training

All students participating in University sanctioned international travel must complete Western's pre-departure training, in addition to any specific training required by your international program. Western International offers this training online via OWL.

Students who have successfully achieved 80% in the final quiz will be issued with a certificate of completion. They must submit this certificate to the faculty or staff member leading the trip to confirm compliance with this requirement. 

Please note that pre-departure training is optional for those attending an international conference.

Step 3: Direct Participating Students to Register in Western's Travel Registry

Western maintains a travel registry for all students travelling abroad on University-sanctioned activities. As the activity sponsor, you must request that participating students enter their information into the Travel Registry no later than 3 weeks prior to travel. If you have questions please contact Western International via email at

Step 4: Direct Participating Students to Review and Complete the "Steps for Students"

Steps for Students

Step 5: Review International SOS Services for Pre-departure, Medical, Security, and Emergency Needs

As part of Western's commitment to our travellers, we have invested in global medical and security assistance through International SOS. This program is designed to keep our students healthy, safe and secure while they are travelling or living abroad. Resources are also available prior to travel to help you plan your trip, including travel security briefings for the proposed itinerary as well as recommendations to eliminate or reduce risks to acceptable levels.