International Summer Programs

Cinque Terre, Italy

Make your summer memorable. International summer programs offer flexibility and different opportunities to experience learning abroad. Find out how you can live your dream summer abroad!

Benefits of International Summer Programs

  • Meet new people and expand your global network
  • Discover yourself and develop valuable life skills
  • Gain marketable skills and experience desired by graduate schools and employers
  • Flexible, short-term programs will not interfere with regular academic year commitments
  • Earn academic credits and lessen your course load in another term
  • Bursaries and scholarships are available

Program Options

  • Study Abroad
    Short-term programs where you can earn credits towards your degree while paying tuition to the host institution.
  • Exchange
    Study at a partner institution and earn credits towards your degree while paying tuition to Western.
  • Internship
    Gain hands-on experience related to your degree in industry, non-profit and government organizations, and develop your international network.
  • Research
    Advance knowledge in your academic discipline through self-directed or structured research programs.
  • Faculty-Led Experiences
    Experience a new culture, gain a global perspective and obtain Western credits while travelling with your classmates and professors.
  • Impact Experience 
    Collaborate with international partners during a one-week, hands-on community engaged learning experience.

Who Can Apply?

Undergraduate students on main campus and at Affiliate University Colleges. Graduate students may be eligible for some programs. Refer to requirements for each program in Atlas

How to Apply?

Before You Apply

1. Choosing an international program

Before you can pack your bags, you’ll have to decide what kind of international experience you want to have, and which program is right for you. This guide will help you to ask the important questions and make sure you pick the program that’s best for you.

2. Research program options

  • Search available programs via Atlas, Western’s International Learning portal
  • You can narrow down your search by selecting various filters, such as destination, term, type, subject area, language of instruction
  • Under "Term" in the right-hand side of the search box, select "Summer" then "Apply Search"
  • Review details and eligibility requirements for your program of interest. Application deadlines vary between October and March
  • Application fees* and additional fees* vary by program (* Fees are non-refundable)

Watch our video on Searching for Programs in Atlas


3. Attend an information session or meet with an International Learning Ambassador

  • Come to an information session (held throughout the academic year) to learn more about the application process and your program options
  • Visit our office during drop-in hours to speak with our International Learning Coordinators or International Learning Ambassadors (trained student leaders who have participated in a Western international learning experience). 

Apply Online

4. Complete an application in Atlas

To begin an application for a program, visit Atlas to select your desired program

Before starting your application, read the entire program page to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. Once you are ready to start an application, click the "Login to Apply" link at the bottom of the program page. Complete and submit your application

Application fees* and additional fees* vary by program (* Fees are non-refundable)

Please note: do not login unless you are proceeding with an application

Please note that you may apply for only one program per term. Additional destinations or program options can be listed in the Program Selection section of the application under the "Optional Program/Destination" dialogue box. Please do not submit multiple applications.

There are general application questions you should be prepared to respond to when completing your online application in Atlas, such as:

Why do you wish to be considered for the program (academic and personal reasons)?

List any extra-curricular, volunteer and work activities that you have been involved in over the course of your University career.

What have you done to prepare yourself to live in a culture different from your own? How do you think you will cope with the differences?

Discuss a stressful experience in your past and how you dealt with it.

Many partner institutions and organizations require a separate application in addition to the one required by Western International. This secondary application may be available at the time of the application in Atlas or may be provided to you at a later date

Some programs may require supporting documents. Submit any supporting document by the application deadline

Watch our video on Submitting an Application in Atlas


5. Deadlines

  • Application deadlines vary by program, generally between late Fall and early Winter terms. Check specific program details in Atlas

After You Apply

6. Application reviewed and evaluated

  • Western International will review and evaluate your application and update your application status in Atlas
  • Your application status will remain in "Pending" until the program coordinator evaluates your application. You will be notified via email whether your application has been approved or not
  • In some cases, you may receive a conditional approval. The program coordinator will contact you to let you know what additional information is required to move your application to "Approved"

7. Application decision required

  • After receiving your program offer via email, you must accept or decline your offer within the specified time indicated in your offer email. Students who do not respond by the deadline are subject to automatic withdrawal

8. Course Approval

  • The course credit approval process differs based on the type of summer experience.  Review specific details for each program in Atlas  

9. Next steps

  • Before departing for your international experience, you are required to complete the  pre-departure and safety abroad requirements