Pre-Departure Training

International Learning offers online Pre-Departure training, called International Pre-Departure and Post-Experience through OWL, for all Western students participating in University sanctioned international experiences. To successfully complete this, students must achieve at least 80% in the final quiz from two attempts. An electronic 'Certificate of Completion' is issued under the 'Certification' tab to students who successfully complete the final quiz and must be uploaded to the student's Travel Registry entry through Atlas. 
Completion of this training prior to travel is a requirement under Western's Safety Abroad Policy.

International Pre-Departure and Post-Experience Modules include:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Travel
  • Risk Management
  • Intercultural Engagement
  • Gender Norms & Sexual Violence
  • Critical & Ethical Global Engagement
  • Academic Preparation

Steps to complete International Pre-Departure and Post-Experience

  1. Log onto OWL
  2. Click “Membership” on the left bar
  3. Click the “Joinable Sites” tab at the top of this page
  4. Search for “International Pre-Departure and Post-Experience"
    1. If you see a message saying there are no joinable sites with this name you are already a member of this site
    2. Click on "Sites" at the top right to access your sites drawer and the "International Pre-Departure and Post-Experience" site will be under the Projects heading
    3. If you see the message above and you can't find the site in your sites drawer, please email for support
  5. Join "International Pre-Departure and Post-Experience"
  6. Review modules
  7. Attempt Final Quiz under “Quiz” on the left bar
  8. Achieve at least 80% from two attempts
  9. Access your ‘Certificate of Completion’ under “Certification” on the left bar

Please contact us at or 519-661-2111 ext. 89309 if you have any difficulty.


The Gender Norms & Sexual Violence (GNSV) and Critical & Ethical Global Engagement (CEGE) modules include a face-to-face workshop that is open to all Western students and is required by some programs at Western. If the face-to-face workshop is required for your particular international learning program, you will be notified by the respective faculty or staff member administering the program. However, all students are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you plan to attend the workshop, you must complete the online modules prior to the workshop.