International SOS Information

Western's International SOS Contact Details and Membership Information

All Western students, faculty and staff are covered under the International SOS plan. To request advice or support, you can contact International SOS directly in the following ways:

You will need to provide the Western University membership number when you contact International SOS. Login below with your Western user name and password to access Western's membership information.




International SOS (ISOS) Services

International SOS (ISOS) cares for subscriber clients across the globe, from more than 1,000 affiliated locations in over 90 countries. Their expertise is unique with more than 11,000 employees led by over 1,400 doctors and 200 security specialists. Teams work night and day to protect members, providing you with a global infrastructure you can depend on:

  • 27 Assistance Centres with local expertise available globally, you can speak to ISOS staff in any language, anytime, 24/7. 
  • 5,600 medical professionals: immediate access to experts with extensive experience in all fields of medicine coupled with a thorough knowledge of the local environment and health care system. 
  • 56 clinics: Access to a vast network of accredited clinics practicing international standards of medicine - even in developing countries. 
  • 77,000 accredited providers: A network of accredited health care, aviation and security providers, which allows ISOS to provide you with high standards of service in the air and on the ground.

How to Use International SOS

BEFORE DEPARTURE: prepare prior to departure

  • Faculty and staff may login to receive the Western membership number, then visit International SOS to receive pre-departure information and sign up for updates.
  • Keep your membership card safe and with you at all times. An electronic copy of your membership card and Western's membership number can be downloaded here (Western credentials required on login).
  • Call an Assistance Centre for free pre-travel information (ie. vaccinations, required medication and travel security concerns)
  • Download the Assistance App: log-in using your membership number to help you make more informed travel decisions based on our online medical and security reports and country travel risk guides
  • Sign up for health and security email alerts

WHILE ABROAD: when you have a routine inquiry or in the event of an emergency

  • Free and unlimited health, safety and security advice
  • Find a local nurse, internationally-trained doctor or security specialist near you
  • Find medication or medical equipment
  • Travel advice on loss of travel documents or legal assistance

IN AN EMERGENCY: International SOS provides all necessary emergency services including         

  • Arranging medical transportation and care*
  • Monitoring your condition and providing advice along the way
  • Evacuating you when necessary*
  • Contacting Western and your family (with consent) so they know you are in good hands

*Additional fees for services rendered. 

Advice is unlimited and it is free to call and speak to International SOS. Collect calls are accepted.

What about my mandatory out-of-country health and travel insurance?

International SOS provides worldwide medical, security, travel and emergency assistance – but it is NOT insurance. All Western University travellers must have appropriate out-of-country health and travel insurance. Under the ISOS service, advice is unlimited and it is free to call and speak to a representative anytime. If there are costs associated with your case (ie. prescription medication, hospital stays, emergency evacuation) they are the responsibility of the traveller and may be covered by your health and travel insurance.