Course Selection and Enrolment

As you prepare for your upcoming exchange at Western, please review the following information carefully regarding the course selection and course approval process. Please follow the steps below and contact us at if you have any questions.

Step 1: Course Selection

The 2023-24 academic timetable is now available, which allows you to request the courses you wish to enroll in through the Student Services portal. Before submitting your course requests online, familiarize yourself with the following terminology and codes in order to choose courses for the appropriate study term(s).

Terminology in the Student Services portal :


Description/Duration of Course

no suffix

Full course not designated as an essay course (September - April)


Half course offered in Fall (September - December)


Half course offered in Winter (January - April)


Half course offered in first and/or second term
(September – December / January - April)


Full essay course (September - April)


Half essay course offered in Fall (September - December)


Half essay course offered in Winter (January - April)


Half essay course offered in first and/or second term
(September - December / January - April)

Other codes/labels:

LEC = Lecture. This is when the class meets for lectures.
LAB = Laboratory. If one associated with your course, please select ONE that fits your schedule.
TUT = Tutorial. If one is associated with your course, you MUST select it, and list the Course No. with it.
FULL = The course is now full and you will not be able to enroll in it.

Please note: If a course does not appear in the timetable, it is not offered.

Course load:

Student’s Length of Study

Maximum Course Load
Per Term

Minimum Course Load
Per Term

One term

2.5 Western credits
(5 half courses)

2.0 Western credits
(4 half courses)

Full-Year (2 terms)

5.0 Western credits
(combination of full and half courses)

3.5 Western credits
(combination of full and half courses)

Courses that are 1 term in length (A, B, F, G suffixes) are 0.5 Western credits.  Courses that are a full-year in length (no suffix or E suffix) are 1.0 Western credits.

Submit your course requests:

  1. Review the list of available courses, timetable, and course descriptions for the 2023/24 Fall/Winter Academic Timetable.

    NOTE: Only courses on main campus are available to exchange students. To view the courses that are offered at main campus, please select ‘main’ on the campus filter.  
  2. Review the list of course restrictions for exchange students.

    NOTE: If you are a Business student at your home university, you are able to select courses in the Management and Organizational Studies program, not Business Administration (Ivey).
  3. Pay careful attention to suffixes to ensure that you choose appropriate courses for the term/terms that you are studying at Western. If you are studying at Western for a full year, select courses for both semesters, not just one term.
  4. Pay particular attention to the timetable to ensure that your course selections do not have a time conflict. You can use the Draft My Schedule tool to build and preview your proposed course schedule for your exchange term(s).  Please note: Drafting a schedule with this tool does not select or enrol you into these courses.  It is intended as a planning tool to avoid class conflicts. You are still required to follow the steps outlined below in order to select your courses through One Experience - Course Picker. 
  5. Choose a few extra courses in case you are not approved for some of your course selections.
  6. Log-in to One Experience, and click ‘Go To Course Requests’ (Course Picker) to submit your course requests. See our Course Selection Process user guide with screenshots for reference.
  7. Once you submit your course requests in One Experience - Course Picker, please email , as we are not notified by the system that you have entered your course requests. When we receive the email we will review your course selections and send them to the appropriate Academic Department for review. The Academic Department will review your request and approve or deny your request based on your academic background (whether you have the necessary pre-requisites) and space available in the course. 

    Please note that Academic Departments are making course approval decisions based on the transcript that was submitted with your exchange application. If there are courses you have completed which are not on that transcript and would be pre-requisites for the courses you have requested, please send an updated transcript.

    Be aware that the Academic Department may request additional information from you regarding your request. Please check your Western email account and One Experience – Course Picker regularly.

Step 2: Course Approval Results

Once the Academic Department has made a decision for your course request, the status will be updated in your course selections in One Experience – Course Picker. You can check the status of your course requests by logging in to One Experience – Course Picker at any time. You will not be notified by email when your courses are updated, so it is strongly recommended that you check the status of your course requests regularly (at least once a week) for updates

  • Pending – The course has not yet been reviewed.  Remember to email to ensure that we are aware when you have added your course selection to the Course Picker.
  • Sent to the Department – We have received your course request and sent it to the academic department for approval.
  • Approved – You are approved to take the course.    
  • Denied – You are not allowed to take the course because you do not have sufficient academic background or it is restricted.
  • Require Further Details - The Academic Department requires additional details from you in order to assess your course request. Please follow the instructions in the comments for that course request and submit the requested information to

If the Academic Department does not give you permission to take a course (the course status shows "denied"), and there are other alternative courses you wish to select, please login to One Experience – Course Picker to select the new course, then email to let us know that a new course has been selected.

Step 3: Course Enrolment

Exchange students are not able to self-enrol in courses. The course enrolment process will begin in mid-July, at which time our office will automatically attempt to enroll you in courses with an APPROVED status (from One Experience – Course Picker), which have space available and do not have timetable conflicts. 

You will receive further information on the course enrolment timeline, outcome, and change requests process at the beginning of July. Please continue to monitor your Western email account regularly.