Stage 5: Returning

Program Evaluation


Faculty leaders are responsible for submitting final grades. From a program management perspective, it may be useful for faculty leaders to take the time to prepare a final program report.

Surveys and Evaluation

Program evaluation is an important aspect of faculty-led study abroad program development and management. Students should have the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback and recommendations to the program. There are a number of tools available to create surveys:

Program Debrief

Approximately 1-3 weeks after you return, you will be contacted by the Faculty-Led Study Abroad and Safety Abroad Coordinator to arrange a debrief meeting. At this meeting, challenges and improvements for future years will be discussed.

Post Experience

Group Debrief

It is recommended to facilitate a group debriefing at the end of the study abroad program. The debriefing can take place in-country or back in Canada. The debriefing could include individual or group reflection activities.

Health Issues

Symptoms of illness related to traveling abroad can often appear after returning. It is important for students to monitor their health upon return and contact their healthcare provider if they have symptoms of illness.

Post Experience - FIME Module

Within FIME, there will be a post experience module designed enable learners to reflect on their experience abroad, and identify areas of personal growth.