Category 4: Language Proficiency and Learning

speech bubble graphicTo satisfy this category requirement, students must demonstrate functional fluency or learning in a second language, which can be illustrated in several ways:

Activity or Method Points
Complete an academic language credit at Western 20 points per 1.0 credit
Studied in a language other than English at another institution, including language immersion programs* 20 points
Acquire a second language through other means, including but not limited to, students whose first language is not English* 20 points

*Note: supporting documents are required to prove additional language proficiency and learning. Acceptable supporting documents include transcripts, certificates of completion, or letters of verification from a language instructor. If you are unsure as to how to prove a language proficiency you would like to claim, please contact

Students cannot claim more than 20 points per language and may claim a maximum of 40 points from Category 4.

Contact with questions or for more information.