Category 2: Global Experience at Home or Abroad

Minimum: 20 points (required)

Maximum: 50 points

person on a globeGain global experience at home or abroad. Choose from a number of different options to satisfy this category requirement:

How points are accumulated

Global Experience Abroad Global Experience at Home (volunteering) Points
1 to 2 consecutive weeks (example: Global Connect and Impact Experiences) 15 to 50 hours within one term 10 points
3 to 6 consecutive weeks (example: most Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs) 51 to 100 hours within one term 20 points
7 plus consecutive weeks (most exchange programs) 101 hours within one term 30 points

Global Experience Abroad

Search global experiences abroad in Atlas, Western’s international experience portal.

*These experiences can count towards Category 1 because they are connected to curricular courses at Western; however, the experiences cannot be double counted towards Category 1 and Category 2. Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs are eligible for points based on the specific experience. Please contact for information for your specific program and how to claim the points. If your program is not listed, please contact for further information.

Other university-sanctioned credit or non-credit global experiences abroad that are not listed in Atlas may be considered for this category requirement. A university-sanctioned experience is considered an activity that has been approved, authorized, and/or supported by a Western University unit, department, staff and/or faculty member. Students who would like to claim an experience that is not listed in Atlas must provide additional documentation at the time of application, including a claims form submission


  • Claims are subject to approval by International Learning. Submitting a claims form does not guarantee approval of credit for Global Honour points. Please allow up to 3 weeks for assessment of your claim.
  • It is strongly recommended students register and enroll in the Global Honour before their Category 2 experience in order to get the most reflection benefits out of the Global Honour.

Please fill out this claims form.

Global Experience at Home

Experiences at home include a significant global or intercultural component. Choose from a range of experiences which qualify:

  • International Learning Ambassador (Western International)
  • Global Ambassador (King's).
  • Ivey Exchange Buddy (Ivey).
  • International Peer Guide (Western International).
  • English Conversation Leader (Western International).
  • Volunteer for International Student Orientation or International Week (Western International) for the minimum number of hours.
  • Virtual Internships.
  • Volunteer with a local international or intercultural organization that serves multicultural groups and provides the opportunity to interact with individuals from various cultural backgrounds (previous examples include AIESEC and the London Cross Cultural Learner Centre)
  • Serve in an executive role (President, Vice-President, Year Rep) of a global or cultural-focused student club or group at Western (examples include, but are not limited to, the African Students Association, Arab Students Association, Association of International Relations, Canadian Asian International Students Association, French Club, Indigenous Student Association, and more!).
  • Impact Experiences with an intercultural or global theme (formerly Alternative Spring Break)
  • COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning)*

*This experience can count towards Category 1 because they are often connected to curricular courses at Western; however, the experience cannot be double counted towards Category 1 and Category 2.

Supporting documents are required to prove completion of global experiences abroad or at home. Acceptable supporting documents include transcripts, certificates of completion, or letters of verification from a supervisor, Western University unit, department, staff and/or faculty member. You must submit any supporting documents in the claims form.

For experiences completed through Western International, please submit your claim with the contact information of the Western International Staff member who acted as your supervisor.

Please note: If you are planning to participate in a global experience with an organization abroad or at home, we request you submit a claims request form (pdf). Upon completion of the experience you are required to provide a certificate of completion or letter of recommendation from your program supervisor. Further details are provided in the claims form.

Students must claim a minimum of 20 points to a maximum of 50 points from Category 2.

Contact with questions or for more information.

Please fill out and submit this claims form.